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Reaching Nations, Raising Leaders and Realizing Change!

Welcome to LEAD Missions International’s website. We are excited that you want to know who we are.
July 04-15, 2024 in Palais de Congrès, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Cameroon 2024

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We have helped in training

15000+ Trained leaders in 55+ Countries.

Our Vision
The vision of LEAD Missions International is the transformation of lives, communities and nations through the modeling of servant-leadership.
Core Values
The core values of LEAD Missions International are servant-leadership, integrity, self-development, value creation, excellence and sustainable impact.
Our Mission
To teach the principles of values-based leadership and to raise leaders who can effect change in the communities and nations through the concept of servant-leadership.
Our Purpose
Our purpose is to teach the principles of values-based leadership and to raise servant-leaders who take up leadership roles in their communities and effect change.

You Can Make A Difference

These are those who constantly pray for LEAD’s missions and leaders.
These are those who volunteer their time and skills to serve LEAD’s vision and mission.
Our financial partners can GIVE on a one-time basis, or on a recurrent basis.
These people work with us from all over the world. We are truly grateful!
We are truly honored by your gift. It has helped raised a servant leader.
Trained Leaders
Thank you for making yourself available and receiving these pieces of training.
We have been able to raise servant leaders in these countries.
Help take the training to the rest of the world

You can support our cause

Raising servant-leaders to take up leadership roles in their communities and nations, and effect change.
You too can become a servant leader!

Some of our activities

We are committed to the Cause

Meet Our Board of Directors