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Madison Ngafeeson, PhD

Dr. Ngafeeson is a business professor, an executive trainer, and a leadership consultant. He is the Founder and President of two leadership development companies, namely: LEAD Missions International and SuperiorLEAD, LLC. Madison is an internationally certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. As a business professor and former Director of the MBA program, Madison brings together a wealth of experience in teaching business professionals and the reputable Maxwell Leadership curriculum to add value to professionals around the world.

In the past five years, Dr. Ngafeeson has held leadership conferences, seminars, and masterminds for leaders in various countries including Canada, Britain, Denmark, Holland, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Cameroon, Burundi, Rwanda, and the United States. Through his organization, Dr. Ngafeeson has trained various stripes of leaders: from congressmen to businessmen, and from laymen to clergymen. He believes that personal leadership is the key to leading a successful life.

Dr. Ngafeeson and his wife Claudia are blessed with three beautiful children and they make their home in Florida, USA.

Everything rises and falls on LEADERSHIP.